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Welcome to the Jersey Rowing Club Youth Academy. We welcome any young person to join us from year 9 (age 14) to year 13(age 18). The Jersey Rowing Club have as a part of the club a dedicated Youth Academy.

Our Youth Policy can be found here:

Youth Policy

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We meet on a Sunday morning at 8.15am and on Wednesday at 4.15pm during term time, at the Jersey Rowing Clubhouse which is the old Lifeboat House behind the Jenna Dee Fish Van on Le Quai aux Marchands.

During our sessions you will learn about

  • Safety on and off the water
  • Looking after our boats and equipment
  • Learn correct rowing technique

Participation in rowing within the Youth Academy can have a great impact on young people.

Some of the benefits of rowing are:-

  • Personal development
  • Health and well being
  • Learn new skills
  • Develop lifelong friendships
  • Team work
  • You don’t need expensive sports kit (see information sheet)
  • Water bottle
  • Boats and equipment all provided by JRC Youth Academy
  • Annual Membership (for current price see website, if this is an obstacle for anyone please talk to one of the coaches in confidence)

But if you do decide that rowing is for you, then you will benefit from investing in some quality technical layers that will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, but above all, dry.

Your clothes need to be comfortable so you can move in them but not too baggy – you don’t want them getting caught in the oars or the runners.

Hat: You lose a third of your heat through your head so in the colder months you need to keep it warm with a woolly hat. In warmer conditions a baseball cap can protect you from the sun.

Tracksuit trouser: Tracksuit trousers are good in the winter to keep your legs warm, particularly when you’re off the water, or rigging boats.

Leggings and shorts: Any type of leggings are good for rowing because they won’t catch on the boat. Long leggings are great in cold weather whereas close fitting shorts work well in the summer months. The fabric which dries quickly when wet.

T-shirt: T-shirts are great for all weather – worn on their own in hot weather or built up in layers in colder weather. In the cold it’s better to have lots of thin layers rather than one thick one!

 Warm Top: Sweatshirts are good to start off with, not too baggy and avoid those with pockets, so the oars don’t get caught in them

Splash Top:  In wet weather it’s a great idea to wear a waterproof top layer. A normal waterproof will suffice but a splash top is designed specifically for rowing.

Socks: It’s a good idea to wear socks when you’re rowing to prevent blisters and keep your feet warm. Football style socks if you have some are particularly good as you can pull them up to your knees and keep your legs warm if it’s cold!

Trainers:  You’ll be securing your feet in the foot stretcher so wearing trainers is advised. We launch from the slip so you will get feet and legs wet, so wetsuit boots/socks are a very good idea for the winter, to get in and out of the boat, then change into your trainers for rowing.

If you enjoy rowing you may consider the following:

Technical top: A technical top (or tech top) is rather like a tight t-shirt and will keep you warm and dry as they are generally made from breathable fabric. Often you will see rowers using this combination with an all in one.

Body warmer: Body warmers or gillets are a good option for cold weather as they keep your trunk warm whilst not impeding your arms.

All-in-one: An all-in-one is a lycra suit generally used for racing, but could become part of your regular training kit as they are made from good wicking fabric and allow you to move easily. In summer this might be all that you wear and in winter it can make a good base layer.

Gloves: Gloves are not ideal for rowing in as they do not allow you to feel and hold the blade handle correctly.

If your child is interested in joining rowing please fill out the contact form below.

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