Book a Boat (members only)

Members, please click on the boat links below to reserve club boats for training sessions.

For Swift Boat hire, members can choose ‘pay per seat rowing’ at £5 each seat or alternatively follow the first link below to sign up for ‘Rental Subscription’ at £15 per month (renews automatically).

Send confirmation of above to and you will receive a coupon code within 24hrs.

Club Singles Boats:

Boat 28

Boat 210 (Max Blandin) – Swift

Boat 211 (Dandara) – Swift

Club Doubles Boats:

Boat 18

Boat 34 (HIRED FOR 2023 SEASON)

Boat 42

Boat 88

Boat 220 (Willis Brothers) – Swift

Boat 221 – Swift

Club Quad Boats:

Boat 101

Boat 102 (Optimus)

Boat 103 (Rawlinson & Hunter)

Boat 104 (Dunn Ross Fisheries)

Boat 106 (Lucy)

Boat 107 (Ports of Jersey)

Boat 132 (HIRED FOR 2023 SEASON)

Boat 200 (Gary Burgess) – Swift

Boat 201 (Sir James Knott) – Swift