The Jersey Rowing Committee (the “JRC”) acknowledges our duty of care to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of young people under the age of 18 or until the end of the academic year that they turn 18 if in full time education. The JRC is committed to ensuring our safeguarding practice reflects our statutory responsibilities and complies with Jersey Sport, British Rowing and NSPCC Children in Sport guidance & best practice requirements. Reporting procedures, relating to any concern raised, will follow Jersey Sport and British Rowing guidelines.

The JRC safeguarding procedure and other relevant information is provided below and all members, including Youth Academy members, and parents/carers are encouraged to read it. 

If any member, parent or carer, or Youth Academy member has any questions about the safeguarding policy, or is seeking advice or guidance on a safeguarding concern that relates to the safety or wellbeing of a Youth Academy member that they wish to discuss, the safeguarding phone number is 07797 910 085.

The JRC safeguarding lead is Kerstee Norris and the safeguarding officer is Cris Lakeman. The safeguarding number is always available to be answered by either Kerstee or Cris.

JRC Safeguarding Lead Role Profile

British Rowing Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy

British Rowing Young person’s Guide to the Safeguarding Policy

British Rowing Safeguarding and Protecting Adults Policy

British Rowing Online Safety and Social Media Policy