Harbour Control Lights – Entry and Exit

The harbour lights must be strictly adhered to. The lights are located on the control
tower on the pierhead at the entrance to the harbour.
Red light – STOP – no boats to exit or enter harbour. Boats are not to obstruct
pierhead area.
Green lights – GO – may exit or enter harbour. Keep to the right hand side of
the pierheads.
Amber Lights – Vessels less than 25m may proceed keeping to right hand side
of pierheads.
If you are not sure – stay on the safe side !!! – only pass through the pierheads
when the lights are green.
When leaving or coming into the harbour, check it is clear to do so by observing
the lights on the harbour control tower .
Once the lights show it is clear to proceed, stay to the right hand side of the harbour
mouth avoiding all other traffic in the process.

Outside the harbour keep out of the shipping lanes, which are marked with large
red or green buoys. The main ones to take notice of run from the harbour mouth to the Castle breakwater, across the top of St. Aubin’s bay and from the breakwater
out towards the Demi (Tower).
Commercial vessels will not stop if you are in the way – you have been warned!
With the amount of boats using St. Aubin`s bay, keep your eyes open and try to
plan ahead, avoiding any possible collisions.
Rowing boats are classed as powered vessels – remember power always gives
way to sail!