Club Racing Rules

1.1. The purpose of these rules is to:
a) Provide a basis for safe, fair and equal racing.
b) Ensure all members comply with all the safety aspects of Jersey Rowing Club.
c) Provide a consistent framework for rowing races organised by Jersey Rowing Club.

2.1. All boats must have a minimum internal depth of 15 inches throughout the whole rowing cockpit
measured from garboard to gunwale.
2.2. The maximum length excluding rudder will be 16’ for singles and 20’ for pairs, these boats having a
minimum of 25% of their length as beam and a minimum beam of 3’6”(beam to be measured at
gunwale height to the outside of the skin).
2.3. Fours and open class boats to have a maximum length excluding rudder of 30’ and a minimum beam
of 3’6”.
2.4. In all classes, rowlocks must be fitted to the gunwales within 1” of the outer skin.
2.5. Seats must be fixed with no sliding fittings.
2.6. The fours class shall be open to boats with up to four rowers each using one oar only, plus a
2.7. Any fixed seat boat with more than 4 oars will be classed as an ‘Open Class boat’.
2.8. The open class for fixed seat boats shall be open to fixed seat boats that fall outside the criteria
established in the above rules.
2.9. Hull Shape: All craft shall be of mono hull construction. No reverse sheer of more than 40mm is
permitted, no external projections of the hull except fittings are permitted. Trim tabs to a maximum
of 80mm are permitted on the stern of the boat.
2.10. Workboats are defined as standard heavy craft, purpose built for fishing etc. eligibility subject to

3.1. The dimensions of sliding seat boats shall be defined under FISA Rules, Appendix 22, 13.1. (Rule 39),
and be as follows:
Singles: length: 6.0 metres Maximum beam: 0.75 metres Minimum
Pairs: length: 7.5 metres Maximum beam: 1.0 metres Minimum
Open: length: 10.7 metres Maximum beam: 1.3 metres Minimum
3.2. Hull shape shall be as defined under FISA Rules, Appendix 22, 13.1. (Rule 39)
3.3. Sliding seat boats shall either be of a wash deck construction or have venturi type or electric bailers
3.4. Outriggers shall be permitted on sliding seat boat only.

4.1. Electric type bailers shall be fitted and be operational in all coxless boats (except wash deck type
boats). It is recommended these also be fitted to all coxed boats.
4.2. A firmly fitted and adequate towing ring and rope (minimum length of 12m and minimum diameter
of 6mm) shall be fixed to the bow of the boat for the duration of the race.
4.3. Adequate buoyancy must be fixed in place so as to support the boat and crew on an even keel if
4.4. One lifejacket per crew member must be carried, coxswains and non swimmers are to wear their life
jackets at all times.
4.5. Lifejackets must be of an approved type and subject to British Standards requirements, furthermore
each lifejacket must be in good order and of a size suitable for the intended wearer.
4.6. A minimum of 3 flares, 2 of which must be hand held smoke flares, must be carried at all times. The
flares shall be of an approved type and be ‘in date’.
4.7. A VHF radio is required to be carried by all crews.
4.8. Heel restraints must be fitted and secured to all shoes and flex foot fittings that are fixed to a
4.9. All boat must be fitted with a serviceable working compass
4.10. Boat numbers must be displayed on both sides of the boat in black on a white background. A black
number on an orange or yellow background must also be placed on top of either the bow or stern
buoyancy tank.
4.11. All race numbers shall be at least 230mm high and at least 40mm in thickness. The whole number
shall be visible above the waterline.

5.1. Each race shall have a race starter who will be responsible for starting and the conduct of the race.
5.2. All competing rowers and coxswains are to be fully paid up members of Jersey Rowing Club or have
paid the race entry fee prior to starting the race. (except for open races and races not organised by
Jersey Rowing Club)
5.3. Non Jersey Rowing Club members must complete and pay for a Jersey Rowing Club Day Membership
prior to the race start in order to compete in that particular day’s race.
5.4. Club colours are red and white vest, T-shirt or all in one body suit with the Jersey Rowing Club logo
on the front chest.
5.5. It is recommended that all crews participating in Jersey Rowing Club races wear club colours or
matching team kit/colours.
5.6. At least one member of each crew competing must attend the race briefing, which shall be given at
least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled race start.
5.7. The race briefing shall include, the course, start times, lane positions (if applicable), start and finish
line information.
5.8. No crew may change more than one rower from their first race in Gin-D and Baywatch series races,
should they do so they will be regarded as a new crew. Coxswains may be changed for each race.
No relief crew may be carried.
5.9. A women’s crew shall not contain any male rower. Mixed crews shall not contain more male rowers
than female rowers. A men’s crew may contain female rowers.
5.10. Once a race has begun no crew member may leave their boat with the direct intention of gaining an
advantage. Members may leave to receive medical attention or in order to attempt to prevent
endangerment to themselves or their craft.
5.11. No competing coxswain may row once a race has begun, should they do so the entire crew may be
5.12. A crew shall retire from the race if ordered to do so by the race starter or by any person acting on
behalf of the race starter.
5.13. Any breach of the rules may lead to disqualification from the race.
5.14. The starter shall raise a flag to notify crews to come under starters orders, any boat not at the start
when the signal is given will risk the race being started in its absence. Any boat taking up a position
other than as given at the race briefing shall be liable to be penalised or may be disqualified.
5.15. Any boat failing to observe an instruction to move back behind the starting line from the starter or
starting over the line shall be liable to be penalised or may be disqualified.
5.16. The raising of an arm by a crew member or coxswain on the start is an indication to the starter that
the crew considers that it is not ready to start for some reason but the decision rests entirely with
the starter.

5.17. In all Jersey Rowing Club races each boat shall keep its own water. A boats own water is its due
course parallel with the course of other competing boats from its station on the start line to the first
5.18. In the event of no clear water being established at the first turn, all boats shall hold their station
during the turn and shall not foul or impede any other boat.
5.19. If there is no clear overlap of boats within 4 boats lengths (approx. 40m) of a turn marker, the
overtaking boat must overtake around the outside of the boat being overtaken.
5.20. At all times during the race a boat shall not foul or impede any other boat.
5.21. Any boat may cross the path of another competitor providing it allows at least clear water before
crossing and does not foul or impede any other competitor.
5.22. In the event of a foul occurring or any other boat is impeded the crew shall be liable to be penalised
or may be disqualified.
5.23. It shall be considered a foul when after a race has started any competitor by his/her boat, oar, scull
or person comes into contact with the boat, oar, scull or person of another competitor, unless in the
opinion of the committee it does not influence the result of the race.
5.24 There must be a minimum of five boats competing in order to run a JRC race except for the ‘Around
Jersey’ race where a minimum of three boats are required to compete.
5.25. The committee shall exercise disciplinary powers against any competitor or crew which it considers
guilty of conduct prejudicial to the best interests of rowing and to the Jersey Rowing Club as a whole.
5.26. The committee may reprimand, penalise, disqualify, suspend from competition or suspend any
member or crew who are in breach of the rules.
5.27. The committee has the power to make decisions as it deems fit and its decisions shall be final.

Points to be awarded are 10 points for first place, 7 points for second, 6 points for third and so on the
number of points reducing for placings. The best four results shall be added together to establish the
final series positions, in the event of a tie all results will count, if this still fails to establish the overall
positions, accumulated times will be taken into account.
If during the course of the rowing season, only four out of the six Gin-D races were completed, then
the best three results shall be added together to establish the final series positions.

The times of the two Baywatch series races shall be added together to establish the series positions.
In the event of a tie, the positions will stand and the trophies shared

8.1. Handicap races shall be open races with each crew given a handicap time based on the current
season. Any new crew or any crew that changes boat shall not start before the last boat with a set
handicap time (i.e. the current fastest boat) and shall be given a start time based on its potential as
decided by the committee.
8.2. A crew who has not completed at least two races of the current season shall be classified as a new
8.3. All handicap races except for the Around Jersey Race will start approximately 1 hour before high
water (BHW) with the last boat not departing more than 40 minutes after the first boat.
8.4. Royal Channel Island Yacht Club Handicap Race.
Course. – JRC Start Line, proceeding west to the North of Beach Rock Buoy (anti clockwise), North
of St Aubins Fort, anti clockwise turn at the West Cardinal Mark 49°11.04N – 2°09.98W
(RCIYC 2nd black cardinal pole), South of Diamond Buoy (anti clockwise), North of Grosse
Rock / Cigarette (anti clockwise), North of St Aubins Fort (clockwise), South of Balleine
Buoy (anti clockwise), Elizabeth Castle Breakwater, JRC Finish Line.
8.5. St Helier Yacht Club ‘Nippy’ Handicap Race.
Course. – JRC Start Line, North of Grosse Rock/Cigarette (anti clockwise), South of Grun du Port
Buoy (anti clockwise), South of Balleine (anti clockwise), North of Grosse Rock/Cigarette
(clockwise), North of Beach Rock (clockwise), South of Vraichere (anti clockwise), JRC
Finish Line.
8.6. St Helier to Gorey Handicap Race.
Course. – Run over a course from JRC Start Line to the south of Diamond Bouy (anti clockwise)
and on to the finish at Gorey Harbour Welcome Slipway.
Start Line. – JRC Start Line
Finish Line. – A straight line between end most point of Gorey Harbour Pier head and the water line
of Gorey Harbour Welcome Slipway.
8.7. Around Jersey.
Course. – Proceed in an anticlockwise direction around the Island of Jersey.
Start & Finish Line. – A straight line between the St Helier Yacht Club start cabin
positioned on the harbour Wall, 49°10.47’N – 2°06.98’W and the flagpole at the top of
Elizabeth Castle Keep, 49°10.55’N – 2°07.60’W
8.8. Handicap times for the Around Jersey Race are based on existing race class records, with the Mens
Quadruple sculls starting 30 minutes after high water (AHW). All other classes will have their start
times worked out against the men’s quadruple sculls record. Class record times will be subtracted
from the men’s quad record time in order to establish the class start times.
8.9 Any crew wishing to start before their allotted start time will have their finish time recorded, but will
not be eligible for any class or finish position trophies or awards.

9.1. Any protests may be brought to the attention of a committee member immediately after a race, this
must then be made in writing and handed to a member of the committee within 24 hours of the
9.2. The committee shall consider all matters of dispute arising and shall be empowered to make
decisions on the actions to be taken, these decisions shall be final.

10.1 All trophies shall be engraved by the Jersey Rowing Club and shall remain the property of Jersey
Rowing Club. The crew winning a trophy shall be responsible for its safe keeping, in the event of it
being lost or damaged the crew shall bear the cost of reinstating or replacing the same, including
replacing any engraving of past winners.
10.2 Trophies shall only be awarded to class winners when there are two or more boats competing in that
particular class, except for the Round Jersey race where all competing crews are eligible for class