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2017 – Races & Competitions

Early Racing
With the constant addition of new races to the calendar (Jersey to Sark, Inter Insular, Corbiere, Sunset Series etc) we feel it would be helpful begin racing as early as feasibly possible. Having researched all of the suitable tides for next year it was concluded that we can start racing from mid March, weather dependant. This allows us a little breathing space during August/September to reschedule any postponed races.

GinD, Sunset, Baywatch
To add a little variety and give them their own identity, it is proposed that each series follows a different format. The GinD’s will remain as wave starts with results calculated on time to complete course. The Sunset Series, following on from previous years, will follow a handicap start format with points scored on finishing position within your particular class. The return of the hopefully popular Baywatch Series will see crews race to Portlet and back, Beauport and back and Gorey to Town. These three races will be mass start, as to provide much needed experience prior to the S2J and Carteret. The scoring will be reverse handicap format, meaning a predetermined handicap time will be deducted from your finishing time. This will hopefully encourage crews to push themselves throughout the entirety of the race as every second could potentially count.

Corbiere Cup
Following the much enjoyed Corbiere row/race that was completed this year I would like to create a standalone handicap race which has it’s own trophy. The race would be course handicapped (as it was in 2015) with crews having to negotiate a varying selection of bay marks based on their speed, prior to setting sights on Corbiere. The race will start and finish from the Elizabeth Castle Harbour arm with the turn point at Corbiere signalled audibly by a race controller.

Please note:

  • All races are weather dependant and are subject to change. Races may be postponed to a later date or an alternative course may be raced.
  • On / off decisions will be made two hours before the published start time.
  • A message will be put on facebook, at the clubhouse and an email sent to entered teams captain.
  • Race check‐in will open approximately 90 minutes before the start of each race when possible.
  • All participants in races organised by the Jersey Rowing Club must be members of the jersey rowing club.
  • All crews must carry a radio throughout the race and report to race control using channel 77.
  • All crews must carry full safety equipment as specified in the club rules/guidelines.
  • Coxes must wear Life jackets at all times!