Willis Towers Watson Sark to Jersey Race 2016 – Sponsor’s Message

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Sponsor’s message

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Sark to Jersey rowing race, a significant milestone in what has become an iconic event. For the third year running, Willis Towers Watson is proud to be associated with this fantastic event.

Ever since the first race took place in 1967, the event has grown each year with entrants from Jersey, Guernsey, France, the UK and Holland all competing for the individual honours.

Risking the cross tides and racing in the choppy waters requires extraordinary endurance as well as resilience. In a similar way, today’s risk environment is continually changing and the challenges facing businesses in the Channel Islands, like the rest of the world, are larger and more diverse than ever before. While property and casualty risk still remain, they have been joined by new risks such as cyber-crime, terrorism and political violence, along with the risks born out of increasingly doing business internationally, environmental and transactional risks, and legal and regulatory impacts, to name a few.

As a leading global advisory, insurance broking and solutions company that helps clients turn risk into a path for growth, Willis Towers Watson already works with a number of organisations in the Channel Islands – we build resilience for our clients and provide solutions to help them reduce uncertainty, strengthen their stability and seize new opportunities.

We wish all of the participants the best of luck and all those spectating a wonderful time at the event.

The Willis Towers Watson team


Club Invests in Coaching Technology

Strock coaches

The Club has invested in three GPS speed coaches. These are intended to help crews improve and experiment. You can approach the club captainto ask to use this very expensive equipment, which will be loaned for specific periods of time. We’re hoping it will make a big difference.


  • Wireless speed and stroke rate display
  • Programmable workouts based on time or distance
  • Data recall tied to workout sessions for in-depth review of pieces
  • Heart rate (compatible with any Bluetooth Smart HR Belt)
  • Surge Rate technology for stroke rate

Strock coachesStrock coaches  loan 1